Returning November 1


Greetings Friends,

The day is finally here. We are bringing back in-person worship on November 1st. A fitting Sunday in that it is All Saints Day. A day when we remember all those Christians who have faithfully proclaimed the good news of a new life through faith in Jesus Christ so that we can worship the One True God.

As we will gather for worship, things still won’t be the same as they used to be. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still among us and we will have to worship in a different way. Masks will be required as we worship together, social distancing rules will be in effect, and our fellowship with one another will have to take place out in the parking lot before and after the worship services.

The good news is that we will be offering children’s ministries for all ages and both the Traditional and Modern Worship services will livestreamed for those who do not feel safe to return at this time. As I am one of those who are at high risk of major complications from the virus, I will not be able to greet you as normal. I will be entering and leaving the sanctuary from the front of the sanctuary each Sunday.

We have been doing our best during this time to make your worship experiences meaningful and as safe as possible as we gather again to worship the Risen Christ who has defeated death and sin. We hope you will continue to join us for worship either in person or online. Have a blessed day!

Pastor Jerry