Know what God is Calling You to do


Summer is now in full swing and it is a time when many of us turn our thoughts to vacation and taking time off. But our devotion to God is not something we can afford to take a vacation from.  The ministry of the church still goes on and we must continue to build our relationship with God.  I have been talking about how we can build momentum in our faith continue on that subject.

I have been sharing and important lesson from Dr. Michael Slaughter’s book, “Momentum for Life” that will help us create momentum in our spiritual life. He uses D-R-I-V-E as an acronym to provide the elements that can help us build momentum towards God’s promised future.  D reminds to remain devoted to staying connected to God by studying God’s Word.  R represents readiness, and reminds us to be lifelong learners who constantly seek God’s will. I reminds us to invest ourselves in key relationships, beginning with our family.  The  V indicates Visioning for the future.  Slaughter reminds us that if we have no future pictures, we’ll live in the past.  It is crucial that we have a picture, because we become our life picture.  It’s important that we see and develop the picture God has given us.   We can’t live someone else’s picture.  We all have a unique calling and we will only be content when we become who God has created us to be.

We need to have a vision of what the future will look like as individuals and as a Normandy Church if we are to fulfill the Mission God has given us.  We all need to ask ourselves, “What is God calling me to do for the Church?” God blesses all Christians with at least one Spiritual gift that we are to use to build up the church.  Let us all develop the picture God has for our lives.

Pastor Jerry