Invest in Your Relationships


In Dr. Michael Slaughter’s book, “Momentum for Life” uses the word, D-R-I-V-E as an acronym to provide the elements that can help us build momentum towards God’s promised future.  Slaughter says, D stands for devotion and how as Christians we must stay connected to God.  R represents readiness, which means we should be lifelong learners who constantly seek God’s will.  The letter I reminds us that we should be investing in key relationships, beginning with your family.  We must be committed to putting our family before our work and church.  Many times we fail to set proper priorities for their lives.  Some of us neglect our relationship with God and put everything before Him.  Others are so busy doing “church work” (not necessarily ministry) that they neglect their families. 

We must make sure that we take time to invest in other people who are strategic for our mission as followers of Christ.  We must remember that the primary purpose of the church is to make disciples of all nations, which means that as the Body of Christ, we all must reach out to the unbelievers around us and begin investing time into those relationships.

It is easy to get our priorities out of whack as the pressures of the world pulls us in many different directions that often lead us away from God.  But the Bible is clear on the first two priorities we should have in our life.

  1. Our personal relationship with Christ.
  2. Our relationships with our Family.

As disciples of Jesus Christ let us continue to devote ourselves to following Him and put Him in the driver’s seat.

Pastor Jerry