Be a Lifelong Learner Who Constantly Seeks God’s will


In his book, “Momentum for Life.” Dr. Michael Slaughter’s uses the word D-R-I-V-E as an acronym to provide the elements that can keep us moving with momentum towards God’s promised future.  In my first blog I shared that D stands for devotion and how we as Christians must stay connected to God through by having a regular routine of studying God’s Word.

The letter R represents Readiness – which reminds us that we should be lifelong learning.  As a disciple of Jesus (the word disciple means learner) we want everything we read and observe to impact the faithfulness and effectiveness of our life accent.  Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice” (John 10:27), and we want to learn to better recognize his voice.

A lot of people lose the momentum of learning when the diploma is received.  That’s one reason why people restlessly move from church to church, because the leaders have quit learning. 

We worship a living God who is still active in the lives of Christians and the Church.   The Holy Spirit is still giving wisdom and insight to today’s leaders of the Church.  We should strive to learn from these inspired leaders and spend time reading their works.  From reading books to attending seminars, we should strive to keep learning about God.  I would encourage you to be lifelong learners who constantly seek God’s will.

Check out Normandy’s new growing library for ideas on books to read and don’t forget to spend time in God’s Word.  As we strive to follow Jesus we know where he is leading us and God’s word is the best source we have.  As disciples of Jesus Christ let us devote ourselves to following Him.  

Pastor Jerry