Devote Your Life to Christ


Last week I conducted another new member class in which we examined your faith and what it means to be member of Normandy Church.  The very first thing I do is share part Dr. Michael Slaughter book entitled, “Momentum for Life.”  In his book Dr. Slaughter makes a profound but very obvious observation about life.  He states, “You cannot get to where you want to be in your faith, influence, relationships, vocation, or physical-emotional health if you are not moving forward.”  As we start summer, it would be good to make a concerted effort to build momentum in our personal lives and in the ministry of Normandy Church.

In his book Dr. Slaughter gives us some self-management practices that will create momentum in the life of a Christian.  He uses D-R-I-V-E as an acronym to provide the elements that can keep us moving with momentum towards God’s promised future.  Over the next several blogs I will be sharing one of these practices.

Devotion – D stands for devotion.  Dr. Slaughter points out that many Christians lack depth and prophetic clarity because our devotional lives are superficial. He states that what we are devoted to is who we become.  Because of what God has done for us through His Son, Jesus Christ, we should want to view life through God’s eyes and become passionate about those things that matter most to God. 

There is a big difference between deciding what we want to do versus discerning what God is doing, and then moving on to what God is blessing.  Dr. Slaughter gives us a great devotional practice called the  S.O.N. Method that can help us see through the eyes of the SON of God.

Scripture –       Read Scripture everyday.(Make a commitment to read through the Bible over the next year.)

Observation – Observe from what you read.  Ask yourself what lessons are being taught to those persons in the Bible and how might those lessons apply to us?

Name –         Journal the practical applications the Scripture has for your life.  Write it down and share what you feel God is telling you to do with a brother or sister in Christ.  Then act upon the leading God is giving you. 

As we rise each day, start by reading God’s word, then some take time to be in prayer and then devote ourselves to following Christ and put Him in the driver’s seat of our life.


Pastor Jerry